Looft Air Lighters

Questions & Answers for the Air Lighters

Choose based on your needs. The Looft Air Lighter 1 and 2 are corded products while the Looft Air Lighter X is cordless and portable. However, the Looft Air Lighter 2 is our most powerful product so far.

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Yes, the Looft Air Lighter is compatible with all kinds of grills and barbecues, ensuring versatility in outdoor cooking.

The Looft Air Lighter is a 1500W product.

No, the Looft Air Lighter eliminates the need for lighter fluid, providing a cleaner and safer ignition. You should never mix chemicals with food and therefor never use lighter fluid!

Yes you can! The Looft Air Lighters are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. You can use it in your fireplace, wood stove or chimney.

It's faster and cleaner than traditional lighting methods, reducing wait times and chemical use. With a Looft Air Lighter you start your grill in 60 seconds and can get grilling in as fast as 5 minutes. This is compared to 25-30 minutes for lighter fluid, 15-25 minutes for charcoal chimney and 15 minutes for a gas grill.

Absolutely, Looft Air Lighter is effective for quickly igniting a pizza oven, saving time and effort.

Yes, Looft Air Lighter is suitable for efficiently starting kamado grills, ensuring hassle-free grilling and easily getting your Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe up to temperature.

Yes, Looft Air Lighter is ideal for lighting smokers, helping achieve the desired temperature with ease.

You can use your preferred charcoal or wood chunks with Looft Air Lighter, tailoring it to your cooking style. We recommend using high quality lump charcoal as it give s a clean burn and steady temperature.

Looft Air Lighter can ignite a fire in about 60 seconds, providing a quick and convenient start for grills and barbecues.

No, Looft Air Lighter generates superheated air, not an open flame, offering a safe and efficient way to light grills and fires.

Simply aim Looft Air Lighter at the charcoal or wood, press the button and watch it ignite your fire.

You can replace the heat shield on Looft Air Lighter 2 and Looft Air Lighter X. However, it is not possible to replace it on the Looft Air Lighter 1. Your find our Heat Shields here.

You find information on each product here. For Technical specifications & Operators manual read more here.

Yes, Looft Air Lighter is a handy tool for starting fires in firepits and fireplaces.

Store Looft Air Lighter in a dry, cool place, out of children's reach, ensuring safe and reliable use.

The cord of Looft Air Lighter 1 and 2 are 9.8 feet in length, offering ample reach for your grilling setup.

Yes, Looft Air Lighter effectively ignites briquettes, making it a versatile tool for different grills and fuel types.

Yes, Looft Air Lighter is perfect to start lump charcoal, ensuring a consistent and efficient ignition process.

No, Looft Air Lighter does not require refilling; it operates on electricity, ensuring convenience and reliability.

Looft Air Lighter is perfectly suited for regular charcoal.

Write a complete answer to the Absolutely, Looft Air Lighter is great for igniting wood, ensuring a hassle-free fire-starting process for your cooking.

Yes, Looft Air Lighter is effective for lighting raw wood, helping you achieve a steady and consistent flame for various uses.